Nokia, the leader of the optical network market is supplying its new optical transport network based on Defense Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology. It enables Service Providers to provide high-speed internet within the African region and is also the right infrastructure for 5G deployment at a later stage.

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Vanrise Solutions has been helping telecom companies succeed in the digital era through a wide range of services and solutions it develops to fulfill industry requirements. Telecom Review spoke to Vanrise Solutions’ CEO, Mr. Jamal Anouti, in order to discover more about the company, the journey it has undertaken since its establishment and the recent projects it’s implemented. 

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Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s biggest technology companies and has long been a bastion of pioneering innovation and incredible technological prowess.  Infoblox, a privately held IT automation and security company is headquartered in California’s leading tech hub and has enjoyed phenomenal success in the ICT security management space since it was founded by Stuart Bailey in 1999.

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