Digital transformation has arisen following the emergence of technologies that drive our world forward through cutting-edge solutions and enhanced efficiency and productivity. The telecommunications industry has tremendously progressed since the days of wired handsets and limited communication features. Telecom networks have undergone a mind-blowing transformation to meet the ever growing demand on data. Today, businesses have to make a choice: either adopt new strategies or lag behind.

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After seven years of litigation that spanned the globe, Apple and Samsung have definitively ended a patent battle launched after the US company accused its rival of “slavishly” copying the iPhone's groundbreaking design. According to a brief US court filing, the world's two biggest smartphone makers finally reached a settlement.

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By Jacek Passia, Regional Executive Middle East, Russia & CIS, Vodafone Partner Markets

5G is likely to be predominantly rolled out to consumers and enterprises globally from 2020, although some of the benefits associated with this new technology are already available. 5G will be deployed commercially when markets have appropriate spectrum, once all the standards are agreed by 3GPP and compatible telecoms equipment and devices are available.

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Ribbon Communications Inc., a global leader in secure and intelligent cloud communications, held its annual customer and partner summit Perspectives18, on June 3 -7. The event featured keynotes, break-out sessions and panel discussions from executives from some of the world's largest technology companies including AT&T, Bell Canada, British Telecom (BT), Cable Labs, Charter, Fortinet, Intel, KPN, Microsoft, NTT, Nvidia, Polycom, Red Hat, Smart Cities Council, TELUS, Verizon, Wells Fargo and many more.

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The word “algorithm” has become very recurrent and polemic lately in the world of digital technologies and trends. It symbolizes the dangers and consequences of an automated world conditioned by commercial logic. Before judging negatively or positively its impact and role in Google’s searching process, Facebook’s news feeds and recommendations on Amazon, it is important to define an algorithm first.

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The mobile industry has confirmed that it has achieved a critical milestone in the race to bring 5G networks to life: official approval of "5G standalone" specifications. In a collective announcement, 3GPP and dozens of wireless companies are describing the approval as kicking off "the final sprint towards 5G commercialization," which will begin in the United States this year and elsewhere next year. The newly completed specification enables developers to choose from a standalone 5G standard that doesn't depend upon 4G, or the earlier non-standalone 5G standards with 4G ties.

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