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Progress driven by Zain Group’s Gender Diversity & Inclusion Program

Today’s world needs a diverse generation of business leaders, disruptive thinkers, and creative activists able to drive change and make a lasting impact. The talent-driven economy is gaining momentum and organizations in the MENA region are embracing open and transparent cultures at work that can help shape their future leaders.

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MEF announced the publication of the industry’s first global standard defining an SD-WAN service and its service attributes. SD-WAN Service Attributes and Services (MEF 70) was officially approved by MEF members and ratified by the MEF Board of Directors at the organization’s recent Annual Members Meeting.

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The Ministry of Communications & IT, the main driver behind the Kingdom-wide digital transformation overhaul of Saudi Arabia, has officially joined the Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum (11-13 November 2019, Burj Rafal Hotel – Riyadh, KSA) as Main Sponsor of the event. 

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By An Jian, president of Carrier Networks Business Group, Huawei Middle East

The “best-effort” service provided by traditional mobile networks can no longer keep up with the diversified requirements of vertical industry applications. These requirements include ultra-low and deterministic latency, mobility, reliability and tenant security isolation. An example is the power system differential protection under the ultra high-reliability and low-latency communication (URLLC) scenario. When a switch command is delivered, the communication between the master and slave differential protection terminals involves electrical vector contrasting and verification of transmission path parameters. The network needs to provide a deterministic delay of 20 ms and a jitter of 600 us or less.

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