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A prominent technology thought-leader from the United Kingdom has called for a more human approach to AI in order to dispel fears that widespread automation across industries globally will lead to multiple job losses. Chris Pope, VP Innovation at ServiceNow has said that AI is fundamentally all about humans, and said we need to recognize how machines can make our lives better.

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The American University of Beirut (AUB) and The RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) pledged to continue their e-learning partnership to give undergraduate students the latest skills and knowledge in internet networking technology. This academic collaboration between the AUB and the RIPE NCC is the first of its kind. Over the past year, the two organisations ran a pilot project which incorporated e-learning material developed by the RIPE NCC in the computer networks undergraduate course at the AUB under the guidance of Professor Haidar Safa. This project helped bring high-quality training material, on par with courses given to networking professionals globally, into the AUB classrooms.

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Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communication and Information Technology confirmed that 5G will be deployed for the first time in Egypt in the framework of the Africa Cup of Nations which will be held from 21 June till 19 July. Huawei will cooperate with Telecom Egypt to bring 5G technology experience to Egypt.

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Security has long been a priority, and with the world becoming even more connected, it has become clear to what extent security is important. However, only lately has it been making headlines, notably with the Huawei vs. US case, and with 5G closer than everyone expected.

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Telecom Review launched at the 12th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit which was held on March 29th in Beirut, Lebanon, a special edition on 5G cyber threats and solutions that aims to explain more about the relevance of cybersecurity in light of 5G deployment.

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In a consumer-led society, data is constantly and rapidly increasing knowing that whatever we need is in the palm of our hands. With the increased dependency on smartphones, it is no wonder that data usage has been increasing at such an unprecedented rate.

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The 19th Middle East Network Operators Group Meeting and Peering Forum (MENOG 19) recently ended on a high note in Lebanon, after participants from across the region and beyond spent two days discussing the most pressing issues currently facing the internet and communications industry. The regional forum brought together 250 key players in the region’s internet network operations, along with 100 remote participants, for two meeting days on 3-4 April in Beirut.

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