Alphabet-owned Google announced a definitive agreement with HTC on Sept. 21 under which HTC employees - many of whom are already working with Google to develop Pixel smartphones - will join Google. HTC will receive US$1.1 billion in cash from Google as part of the transaction. Separately, Google will receive a non-exclusive license for HTC intellectual property.

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Nokia is to completely modernize the nationwide LTE network for Ukkoverkot, the Finnish private network operator offering wireless data communications services for infrastructure operators, the industrial IoT market, public safety authorities, the maritime industry and both residents and enterprises in remote areas. The new network will be powered by Nokia's leading LTE solution, which provides superior network quality, capacity, security and reliability required for such specialized use cases.

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Huawei report: being a key player at the forefront of the digitalization wave
Amid declining traditional business and rising competition across sectors, telecom carriers are under growing revenue pressure and striving for new growth. As enterprises worldwide navigate the route to digital transformation, for carriers that have always played an essential role in the traditional telecom industry, they bring new opportunities.

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Avaya announced the opening of its new office in Bahrain as part of its strategy to support Bahrain's digital transformation efforts and meet growing demand for next-generation communication and collaboration solutions. The expansion furthers Avaya's commitment to investing in local talent while enabling businesses of all sizes to evolve as Bahrain moves towards being a digital economy.

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With Nuage Networks from Nokia SDN, IT departments can set up networks as easily as if they were setting up virtual server instances, said Waleed Badr, regional director – META at Nuage Networks from Nokia, speaking to Telecom Review about the challenges and advantages of software defined networking (SDN). Nuage Networks SDN solutions bring massive scalability and high programmability to datacenters and wide area networks.

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Shenzhen-based telecom vendor ZTE recently launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution to help operators build next-generation highly-intelligent and cost-effective automated AI networks. From platform, services, network and chip aspects, the solution fully elaborates on future-oriented AI end-to-end architecture, applications, as well as typical scenarios.

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