Driven by an ongoing commitment to push the boundaries of possibility in virtual, augmented and mixed reality, Nokia unveiled its next generation of immersive technology solutions. Through its best-in-class tools for the creative community and an unparalleled partner ecosystem, Nokia is delivering the next step towards "OZO Reality", a higher level of consumer experience defined by superior immersion, new creative possibilities, and increased efficiency for the creation, delivery and experience of immersive storytelling.

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Elisa, a leading telecommunication, information communication technology (ICT) and online service company in Finland, successfully completed a field trial of Nokia's XGS-PON technology, achieving the country's fastest broadband speeds. With 10Gbps symmetrical (downstream and upstream) capabilities, the use of XGS-PON will allow Elisa to cost-effectively deliver ultra-broadband access needed for new high-speed, high-quality residential and business services. 

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In an interview with Telecom Review, Rafiah Ibrahim, President and Head of Ericsson Middle East and Africa, talked about the significance of 5G technology as an innovation platform.

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In 2016, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) met full and diverse range radiocommunication spectrum needs for the State of Qatar issuing a total of 4,059 (up by 145% from 1,654 licenses in 2015) spectrum licenses during the year. The number of frequencies assigned also increased significantly to 2,538 (up by 117% from 1,167 in 2015).Type approval certificates issued for radio and telecommunications terminal equipment (RTTE) remained relatively unchanged at 1,114 (from 1,212 in 2015).

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Under the theme "Leading New ICT, The Road to Collaborative Public Safety", Huawei Global Safe City Summit 2017 will be held in Dubai, UAE from April 26-27. The event will bring together leading enterprises, industry experts, and partners from across the world to explore the trends and challenges of digital transformation within the public safety industry, as well as share innovative technology application practices.

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It's 2017 and around the world, companies and industries are making steps towards sustainable, socially responsible solutions and practices. Gone are the days of advanced technologies being reserved for the world's most privileged patrons; now, as humanitarian and environmental movements continue to gain global attention, the companies that create and provide these technologies are realigning their sights. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a top priority for organizations everywhere - and in the ICT industry, it has proven to be especially important.

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Ericsson announced the appointment of Rafiah Ibrahim as President and Head of the newly created Market Area Middle East and Africa. The appointment follows a review of the Ericsson's business strategy and changes to the Executive team. Ibrahim, who has led Region Middle East since July 1, 2014, stepped into the role from April 1, 2017 as a new member of Ericsson's Executive Team.

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