Working with five of the top seven Ethernet service providers, ADVA Optical Networking has a deep understanding of the telecom business, said Annette Geuther, Senior Vice President, Sales Emerging Markets, speaking to Telecom Review. Geuther opened up about the company's latest solutions, achievements and aspirations, and how the company is the industry's "leading trusted partner".

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Etisalat Egypt has a positive outlook despite fallout from liberalization of the Egyptian pound in 2016 - a move that saw its value reduced by almost 50 percent against the US dollar. Speaking to Telecom Review, Khaled Hegazy, Etisalat Egypt's Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, said the company's positive outlook is based on the size of the Egyptian market and the aspirations of youth.

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5G is the next evolution in the mobile space. But realizing 5G cannot be achieved with the current centralized network architecture, according to Cherif Sleiman, VP of Europe, Middle East and Africa at IT automation and security firm Infoblox. Mobile network architecture must be altered, he said, by pushing services and intelligence security to the edge of the network rather than the core.

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According to Majed Bin Saad Al Arifi, marketing director and spokesperson, Elm, the company has fully embraced an innovation-based vision for building a better future for society via the development of digital services and products; training and advisory services; outsourcing & administrative support solutions and emerging business solutions. He shared that Elm is currently working on more than 100 projects with government entities and large organizations. In addition, the company is marketing over 46 brands across a client base of 40,000. The company strives to constantly cater to the needs of its local and international clients in the public and private sectors.

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Mobile chipset/platform manufacturer Qualcomm plays an important role in facilitating the next generation mobile technology platform and the internet of things (IoT). As a leading partner of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Qualcomm enables emerging smartphone brands and connected device manufacturers to expand their global market and product footprint beyond phones into connected ecosystems, explains Jay Srage, President East Europe and MEA, Qualcomm, speaking to Telecom Review.

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Whether mobile payments at the point of service or access control in public transport, wherever near field communication (NFC) is used, errors can happen. German manufacturer of test equipment, COMPRION, has come up with a solution, according to Marketing Director Hajo Sandschneider, who spoke to Telecom Review about the company's undercover tracing of contactless payments.

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Analyzing data is essential to successful smart city services, Labib Matta, chief business officer at NXN, told Telecom Review. Once a smart city consulting firm, NXN has grown into a full-fledged digital service provider with a list of heavyweight clients. Smart data analytics is the "key cornerstone" of NXN's services, said Matta - the essential component of its growing digital services portfolio.

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The main challenge facing telecom operators in Africa is competition and regulatory stability, according to Mr. Abdellatif Bouziani, CEO of telecom provider Smart East Africa Group serving Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi. Speaking to Telecom Review, Mr. Bouziani said governments in Africa have sold too many operating licenses which have forced prices down, but operating costs remain the same.

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