A technology thought leader and prominent executive at US technology behemoth Oracle has outlined the impact he believes emerging technologies will play in industries such as manufacturing, automotive and financial services in 2019.

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Maintaining a high level of security for all 5G use-cases will be a huge challenge whereas the attack surface will deeply increase. Those were the insights shared by Emmanuel Lugagne Delpon, Group CTO and Senior Vice President, Orange, in an exclusive interview with Telecom Review.

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Krypton CEO, Cyrus Salesse has highlighted some of the key fundamental security differences between 4G and 5G technologies as the industry braces itself for the deployment and commercialization of 5G networks across a number of global markets.

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5G is today the buzzword in the telecom industry. With new technology comes the fear of the unknown. 5G will surely present many benefits to its users, but as with any new technology, cyber criminals will be ready to exploit its weaknesses and as such, experts must evaluate the risk of 5G connectivity and how it may directly or indirectly impact the user. It’s not only that 5G brings new threats, but existing ones might undergo considerable lateral expansion and amplification.

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Data Consult has been sharing much of its expertise in technology from all its aspects in the past editions of Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit and this year wasn’t much different. After being present during the whole day and moderating the panel on the role of FTTx deployment in accelerating digital transformation and smart cities, Mr. Marc Nader, COO of Data Consult accorded to the team of Telecom Review a get a quick talk on what distinguished this Summit edition and an overview about the company.

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With fifth-generation wireless networks starting to be deployed this year, the issue of 5G security was in focus at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Unlike upgrades of wireless networks in the past, 5G will deliver not just faster speeds and low latency but also open up a new realm of possibilities such as connected cars and devices.

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Conferences related to telecommunications and ICT always aim to explain more about what is happening in the industry, however the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summits always offer more than just that. Leading C-level experts gather under one roof to explore the future of telecommunications from different perspectives and each according to his/her field of expertise.

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Since 2000, Korek has been able to keep pace with the technological evolution and has managed to overcome all the challenges, which has made it achieve unprecedented progress throughout the years.  In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Mr. Sirwan Mustafa, Korek Chairman, explained more about the company’s strategy that allowed it to achieve continuous success.

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While the whole world agrees that 5G will change the world as we know it, different opinions emerge as to what is really is. Dr. Kamal Shehadi, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, Etisalat International said to Telecom Review on the sidelines of the 12th Telecom Review Leaders’ that many are focusing on the technological side of 5G while in fact, it is about a whole ecosystem.

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