YahClick, the leading satellite broadband service from UAE-based global satellite operator Yahsat and its partner Hughes Network Systems showcased their incredible portfolio of transformative satellite services at CABSAT 2019.

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Invigo, leading device and SIM management provider, has announced recently that it has received GSMA accreditation for its eSIM Manager solution. Telecom Review spoke to Fouad Ghoraieb, Managing Director at Invigo on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress 2019 to know more about how the company received the accreditation and why the eSIM Manager solution is important in the era of IoT.

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Telecom Review secured an exclusive interview with MATRIXX Software CEO and co-founder, Dave Labuda, during his recent visit to their regional offices in Dubai. Labuda rose to prominence following the success of his company, Portal Software, in the late 90s. He later sold the company to Oracle in 2006.

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Apigate is a new-breed Application Programming Interface (API) platform that connects a world class ecosystem to enable businesses to transform digitally. To know more about the company’s background and the platform it offers, Telecom Review conducted an exclusive interview with Apigate CEO Zoran Vasiljev during the Mobile World Congress 2019.

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DarkMatter has positioned itself in the vendor industry as a global leader in developing smarter, safer and cyber resilient ways of doing business and using technology. The Abu Dhabi-based organization recently launched its latest innovation: the KATIM R01, a smartphone that is as tough on the outside as it is on the inside.

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With the aim of knowing where Ogero is exactly in the implementation of some of the major projects it launched last year, Telecom Review interviewed Imad Kreidieh, Director General and Chairman, Ogero, who announced when exactly will Lebanon have public Wi-Fi and its own national datacenter.

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Monty Mobile is a GSMA certified Open Connectivity SMS Hub and Roaming Broker, and a leading VAS provider in emerging markets. Monty Mobile has developed close working relationships with major mobile operators in an effort to help them push their profits and tap into new streams of revenue across global markets.

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The telecommunications landscape has changed dramatically over the years, and as a consequence, operators have seen their traditional revenue models decimated by the rise of OTTs such as Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp. We’re now living in a digital economy and operators have recognized that they need to embrace digital transformation in an effort to survive.

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Established in 1994, Emirates Data Clearing House (EDCH) has come a long way as the only data-clearing house in the Middle East with customers from across the globe. They have enabled mobile operators and enterprises to enhance their revenues while reducing operating cost offering comprehensive solutions including data and financial clearing, revenue assurance, messaging, value added services, SIM and eSIM among others. EDCH participated in Mobile World Congress this year to engage in discussions on potential opportunities and at the same time explore new areas for future growth of the company.

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Saudi telecommunications operator STC (Saudi Telecom Company) has been a pioneer for decades in terms of championing revolutionary new technologies that have transformed the daily lives of Saudi citizens. It is in their DNA to embrace change and to deliver cutting-edge innovations and solutions that ultimately enhance the quality of life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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