The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) recently received a delegation from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the Kingdom of Bahrain, aimed at reviewing the most prominent practices and strategies related to the management of regulatory and licensing affairs, finance, spectrum, human resources, and customer happiness.

"We are pleased to be present today with our brothers at the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector in the UAE," said Sheikh Mohammed bin Salman Al Khalifa, Director of Finance, Information Technology and Human Resources.

"This visit is part of the ongoing efforts to support and develop bilateral relations between the two entities and to share experiences. All is part of our strategic plan to learn about best experiences and practices in the telecommunications sector at the regional level and to build on them in developing our approved work mechanisms."

Sheikh Mohammed bin Salman Al Khalifa paid tribute to the UAE's achievements in the telecommunications sector, where it has "become prestigious and exemplary at the regional level and global competitiveness indicators," he said. "I emphasize that these achievements will have a positive impact on the reality of work in the Gulf telecom sector and on its elevation to new heights."

The agenda of the visit included a detailed presentation on the TRA's scope of work, which contained regulations governing and developing the telecommunications sector in the UAE, and the empowerment of government entities in the area of smart transformation (mTransformation). In addition, a presentation was made by the TDA team on the mechanism for issuing Type Approval certificates.

In turn, the Customer Happiness Section made an explanation about the system for handling customer complaints, the customer business center, and the methodology and framework for developing government services. It also showcased some of the projects and initiatives by the TRA, development of TRA's call center 80012, development and improvement of Customer Happiness Centers' environment.

The visiting delegation was briefed on the working mechanism of the Human Resources Section in terms of organizational structure, recruitment, training courses, and the performance and talent management system.

"We cherish this long march of cooperation and experience sharing between the two entities, which embody the strong relationship between the two fraternal countries," said H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, UAE TRA Director General.

The meeting was filled with ideas and topics of common interest in the field of communications and information. Such meetings gain their importance from global developments at technological levels, especially in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), artificial intelligence and digital government, and what they entail in the heavy reliance on big data.