In line with Mobile World Congress 2017, Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications, Jammal Jarrah had a gathering with the Lebanese ICT Diaspora to give updates about the Lebanese Telecom sector, which was held on Wednesday March 1st, 2017 at MWC in Press Conference Room One in Media Village.

Five members in the panel were present with his Excellency, Imad Kreidieh, head of the state-owned telecommunications company Ogero; Bassel Ayoubi, general director of investment and maintenance at the Ministry of Telecommunication; Naji Andraous, general director of installation and equipment; and Naji Abboud, Head of Owner Supervisory Board; the Minister's consultant Nabil Yamout, and moderated by Mr. Toni Eid, CEO, Trace Media International.

In his speech Minister of Telecommunication began by welcoming the Lebanese community present at Mobile World Congress, mentioning his astonishment with the Lebanese potential in the telecom sector and the diversification of the Lebanese skills in the region and abroad, knowing that most of the world's renowned companies comprise Lebanese people.

According to the Minister, the telecom sector is an essential pillar in the progress of any country, economically speaking. "It's part of the community's daily social and economical life. For this reason we have to enhance this sector as much as we can in order to keep pace with other nations and give the Lebanese community the best services."

The Minister mentioned the challenges the country has gone through, affecting the sector, but after the election of the new president, Lebanon has eventually acquired a new government, restructuring the entire sectors especially the telecommunications sector.

Moreover, His Excellency added that after the appointment of Imad Kreidieh, Bassel Ayoubi, Naji Andraous, Naji Abboud and Nabil Yamout, this group of 6 people is managing to work day and night as one team to enhance the sector in the country.

According to the Minister "We are on the right track" towards implementing 4G by end of March over 85 percent of the Lebanese territories and over 90 percent of the Lebanese population.

The Ministry will not stop here; they are working as well to deploy fiber optics in the country to reach at least offices and buildings if not homes. "Our main objective is to deliver the best internet quality in the fastest time possible to all the Lebanese over the country."