The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has chosen two Emirati women as ambassadors for the Women in Cyber Mentorship Programme, an initiative targeting to overcome the barriers that prevent women's broader integration in the field of cybersecurity.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is revolutionizing the way we live, work and think. The hyper-connectivity of devices extending to everyday things has made possible many modern offerings such as connected cars, smart homes, intelligent healthcare and many others. IoT integration and internet penetration, especially with the deployment of 5G in the GCC region, have been successful in supporting new types of service delivery across sectors ranging from manufacturing, logistics and transportation to energy, etc. Moreover, this boom in IoT adoption in the region can find a logical explanation in some interesting stats. In the GCC, approximately 60% are young populations under 30 years among which 64% owning smartphones.

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umlaut has joined the GSM Association (GSMA), an association representing the interests of mobile operators worldwide. GSMA offers access to the very latest industry intelligence and information, up-to-date market data from all over the world, and a unique array of tools and knowledge bases covering all aspects of mobile communications.

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In the framework of Telecom Review’s virtual panel entitled ‘Revolutionizing connectivity through innovation’ which was held on September 13, digital inclusion was tackled in depth by the panelists. The panel’s moderator, Andrea Faggiano, partner, telecom, information, media & electronics practice lead, Arthur D. Little Middle East asked the speakers about how digital inclusion is being addressed nowadays.

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NetEvents’ webinar titled  ‘Market Opportunities for 5G, IoT and Edge Compute’ started off with Jeremiah Caron, global head of research & analysis – Technology Group, GlobalData sharing new research and market outlook data and exploring the current state of affairs of the industry.

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Telecom Review, the Middle East’s leading ICT media platform, held a webinar titled ’Revolutionizing Connectivity Through Innovation’ on September 13, powered by SES, the world’s leading connectivity provider.

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The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) published the spectrum plan for FIFA Arab Cup 2021 (FAC 2021), which will be held in Qatar from November 30 - December 18.  To ensure the optimal use of radio spectrum during the period of the event, the CRA developed a plan to inform stakeholders regarding the use of radio spectrum during FAC 2021 and all its related procedures.

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The world is getting connected at a nerve-wracking pace. According to data by Stock Apps, 67% of the world’s population, roughly 5.3 billion, owned a mobile phone in July this year. A year-on-year comparison means that 117 million new users have been added to the fold. Modern networks have little choice but to bear the workload to thrive in a competitive, digital-transformation-driven global market. On top of that, the capacity to support new advancements in big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and the hybrid cloud along with the demands of traditional workloads has posed a massive challenge to the existing IT infrastructure model. Data centers invariably face downtimes due to not-so-well functioning components, preventing quick-turnaround demands of business and the cloud.

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