If you are a video game enthusiast or a sci-fi supporter, the idea of metaverse has most likely crossed your mind. This innovative term is a combination of the prefix "meta" (meaning beyond) and "universe". Hence, it is typically used to describe the concept of a world where anything we can imagine can exist. Powered by the internet and virtual assets, it will be made up of shared 3D virtual spaces where people can come together to interact, engage, transact, and build upon a digital version of life.

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Most enterprises are struggling to catch up with the pace of digital transformation happening today. Legacy infrastructure and processes are increasingly proving unproductive to accommodate and adapt to the rapidly changing market demands with advancement in technologies, while IT departments have to face frequent investment decision-making in upgrading their networks and equipment.

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There is no denying how technology helped the world navigate through the virus-laden pandemic even as businesses are getting back on track to reboot the slackened economies. The return to a ‘new normal’ will warrant workspaces to develop solutions to protect employees and keep the virus at bay by cleaning and disinfecting the sources of exposure, routes of transmission, and other unique characteristics of the virus.

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Nokia announced that it is demonstrating advanced technologies, including 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality at the Expo 2020 Dubai for six months from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022. As part of the Finnish pavilion, Nokia presents several use cases that enable society to be more productive, safer and sustainable for everyone. The demos are in line with the vision of the UAE Government to build a green economy for sustainable development. 

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Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed wireless broadband connectivity, is set to participate in GITEX Technology Week 2021, one of the industry’s key events that will take place on October 17–21, 2021. This year, Infinet Wireless will showcase its unprecedented powerful solutions, already deployed in many parts of the world, including the Middle East.

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Telecom Review held a virtual panel on October 5, titled “Digitizing the capacity”. The panel explored various options and shared insights on the importance of wholesale services while industry experts discuss in depth the latest developments in the wholesale industry, digital infrastructure, on-demand services.

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