Telecom Review has always been a pioneer in the digital media space. Embracing digitalization has always been a key pillar of our vision and strategy. Given the current circumstances, we have decided to pursue our mission of connecting industry leaders. We’re glad to announce that a series of virtual panels will be organized using Zoom application to connect the industry’s leading operators, vendors, ICT companies, governmental entities and NGOs.

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As scientists around the world work tirelessly to develop a viable vaccine, coordinated data-sharing has become an essential tool in the ongoing fight against coronavirus. In an effort to establish effective public health strategies and protocols for curtailing the spread of COVID-19, mass data collection methods are already being put to use across the world.

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Harsh economic times resulting from COVID-19 will make 2020 a challenging year for telecom operators. Post-crisis, consumer and enterprise telecom service appetites and habits will not go back to pre-crisis levels. According to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, consumers of all ages have had to become more digitally-literate, which means telecom services companies will have to rethink their business to service a more tech-savvy residential segment in the future.

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