With ‘digital transformation’ now woven into the fabric of the Kingdom’s national development vision over the next decade, Terry He, CEO of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, reflects on the substantial progress made to date, and what priorities are coming up next in creating a more connected and intelligent society.

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The UAE concluded 2020 by achieving global leadership in telecom sector quality and evolution, where UAE maintained the first place in the Arab region and regionally, and came second globally for the second consecutive year in “use of telecommunications/ICTs”, which measures the efficiency and evolution of the telecommunications sector in countries around the world as part of the Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum.

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In line with the vision of TRA to enhance the regional and global leadership of the United Arab Emirates in the field of communications and information technology, the country's regulatory authority has designated an additional 500 MHz radio spectrum of 6 GHz band (specifically 5925-6425 MHz) to Wi-Fi for indoor use at an EIRP of 250 mW under class authorization.

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