In a step that represents an actual initiation of a new era of telecommunications in the UAE, the TRA announced the initiation of IMT2020 technology, also known as the 5G technology, as the licensees from mobile operators in the UAE will start the deployment of 5G networks in several phases starting from early 2018, allowing the use of harmonized spectrum bands and the development of the ICT infrastructure.

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What trends in mobile today will affect us tomorrow? Ericsson held a workshop in Abu Dhabi on December 13 to highlight how the mobile industry is fueling an era of digital transformation and will drive new possibilities through IoT and 5G. Ericsson's Head of Customer Unit Etisalat, Petter Jartby, opened the discussion with insights about the potential of the Internet of Things.

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Global demand for bandwidth continues to grow at a remarkable rate driven by the rise of capacity-dependent applications like live video, augmented and virtual reality, and 4K/8K video. International submarine cable systems are more important than ever, considering that the total carrying capacity of subsea cables is in the terabits per second, while satellites typically offer only 1000 megabits per second.

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The ICT progress that we have witnessed in the last decade has forced governments and companies worldwide to adopt the digital alternative as the ultimate way to achieve the development at both economic and social levels. Thus, the world is becoming more and more hyper-connected and complex with the emergence of many new trends, like: cloud computing, big data, open data, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, e-currency, etc.

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The evolution to digital business strategies and an increased awareness of emerging cyber threats will boost global security spending by 8 percent in 2018 to reach $96.3 billion, research firm Gartner predicts. Yahoos recent shocking revelation that up to 3 billion user accounts were hacked in 2013 is a reminder to all organizations that security spending is a worthy investment.

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The cybersecurity community should focus more on crypto-economics, said a blockchain expert speaking to Telecom Review at the Telecom Review Leaders' Summit 2017 in Dubai. Toufi Saliba, CEO of PrivacyShell Corp. and Chair of the ACM Practitioners Board Conference Committee, said crypto-economics and how it can be brought into the cybersecurity space is not something that's taken into consideration as much as it should be.

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The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has revealed the launch of the project 'Our Future', which aims to help students determine their university specialization that suits their skills and capacities, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and HTC Middle East & North Africa.

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