By Heiko Perkuhn, Managing Consultant at Detecon International GmbH, with contributions by Managing Consultants Dr. Britta Cornelius and Dr. Daniela Drube

If telcos develop and market campus networks as products, they will fail. If they sell them as solutions, they will succeed. Does this sound a bit simple? Probably. And yet the success of marketing campus networks depends on telcos approaching from the right angle when addressing their clientele.

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According to the new report of the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) entitled ‘Low-Band Spectrum for LTE and 5G,’ 515 operators in 173 countries hold licenses enabling the launch of LTE or 5G using low-band spectrum. 

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For the third time in a row, Positive Technologies (PT) has a tier 1 ranking as a signaling firewall provider in the annual Signalling Firewall Vendor Benchmarking Report 2021. Its product, Next Generation Signaling Protection Platform, Telecom Attack Discovery, was ranked as one of the best out of 27 vendors after the evaluation of 97 mobile network operators (MNOs), across 88 countries, receiving an overall rating of 4.54 out of 5.

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On May 20th, Telecom Review is holding a virtual panel entitled “Beyond 5G: The endless benefits of 5G to operators”, to highlight how telecom operators should leverage 5G to maintain their leading positions and guarantee success.

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When it comes to the transmission of signals and connectivity, telecom providers nowadays provide a more flexible and robust model where fiber is backed up by satellite. These two work side-by-side to ensure that downtime and outages can have no adverse effects. So in case fiber interruptions happen due to uncontrollable or unexpected factors, satellite connectivity enables enterprises, governments, and facilities to continue functioning smoothly.

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With the internet at our disposal, life, in general, has been better and more convenient. Within a matter of a few clicks, you can already access a lot of information and content, as well as communicate across borders. As a result, no one wants slow, unstable, and limited connectivity. 

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International Data Corporation’s reports about the economies of Oman and Kuwait show that the IT sectors of these Middle East countries will experience an increased 5-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) due to accelerated investments in public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.

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