A subsidiary of NetSol technologies — the first and the only Pakistan-origin listed company on the NASDAQ — NetSol CONNECT is a network consulting and integration firm that specializes in the design, management and security of business-critical networks with its core focus in providing IP backbone services.

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By Charles Yang, president, Huawei Middle East

The advantages of 5G networks are quite obvious by now. 5G not only provides faster connectivity speeds to the end consumer, lower latency and a greater number of possible connections, but also empowers all industries and enables economic growth. Connected societies clearly stand to benefit significantly from the rollout of 5G. It is also why network security is brought more under the spotlight and becomes such a priority in the 5G era.

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The Digital Natives of today demand that telcos provide the same differentiated and innovative customer experiences that they are used to getting from the Netflixes, Ubers and Amazon Primes of the world. Spurred on by this, telcos are moving towards innovation-led disruptive technologies, insights and processes to enhance customer experiences and operations.

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A new report reveals 5G timetables are accelerating as strategies shift in search of true market differentiation and a quicker path to revenue growth. Takeaways from hundreds of 5G engagements reveal where investment is strongest, the trends that are driving rollouts, and a view of the road ahead for operators, network equipment manufacturers and device makers

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit a great number of countries and turned out to be even worse than the critical economic, strategic and political clashes happening around the world. The coronavirus outbreak has and still is impacting all industries, including the information and communication technologies sector. Tech giants have halted operations, cancelled their participation in important events and conferences and announced financial objectives below expectations.

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