Huawei stresses that 5G ecosystem, AI and cloud computing are key pillars for digital economy in the region as it concludes its successful participation at the 39th GITEX Technology Week.
Throughout the event, Huawei announced new partnerships, launched several breakthrough 5G and AI products and solutions for operators and enterprises, hosted the fourth Huawei Middle East Innovation Day, and revealed the upcoming Huawei 5G OpenLab in the region, which will launch in December 2019.

At this year’s GITEX event, Huawei focused on end-to-end solutions and global case studies revolving, in particular, around 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company’s participation was under the theme of ‘Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent World’.

During GITEX, Huawei announced several new partnerships, including with Dubai Municipality and Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) on Wi-Fi 6 and AI solutions.

Several new products were also launched for the first time in the Middle East such as the 5G Data Network, the next generation carrier data storage solution and the next generation AI powered solutions that empowers a wide range of vertical sectors and industries.

Huawei also announced the upcoming opening of its Huawei 5G OpenLab in Middle East, which will officially launch in December 2019. 

The fourth Huawei Middle East Innovation Day was also held as part of Huawei participation in GITEX, bringing together experts from within Huawei and its customers and partners to stress on the importance of creating a 5G Ecosystem in the Middle East, in addition to openly collaborate on AI and cloud computing implementation, and supporting developers in the region.

The event also shed light on use cases and advances in 5G, AI, and mobile services.

Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East, said, “GITEX Technology Week has once again proven to be a successful and fruitful endeavor for Huawei. At this year’s event we demonstrated our commitment to bring digital to every person, home, and organization, through the introduction of advance intelligence and 5G-powered solutions that empower the digital economy, and drive business efficiency and services’ success in the digital and intelligent era.”