Nexign has been a key player in Business Supports Systems (BSS) with 28 years of leadership in the BSS market and currently operates in over 15 countries worldwide.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc to almost every single industry out there and over the past few months, the pressure has been on for telecom operators and vendors to take it upon themselves to ensure efficient connectivity and to help businesses function and navigate the ‘new normal’.

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Staying connected and safe are key in today’s current scenario in the country for families, friends and businesses. During this unprecedented period, that has challenged both health and economy, Etisalat has taken all steps to make sure that its network, services and teams are well equipped to help all our customers.

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Notes from the Chief Editor

Fiber deployment proves day after day to be a primary tool for a reliable network, not only in FTTH and FTTX landline networks, or FTTC, but also for the deployment of 5G as a backbone for mobile operators’ BTS backed by SDN.

The massive fiber and 5G deployments will drive IoT and edge computing to address industrial, enterprise and consumer demands driven by vast bandwidth, vast demand for data and an increase in geographic ubiquity.

5G is backed by a large fiber network which can provide extremely high speed connectivity with no latency (or almost, close to a low fraction of a second).

The all new 5G-enabled smartphones will increase the vast demand for data on the mobile network and the back-end of the fiber network will become crucial to ensure the delivery of quality connectivity to the end user.

The network will become smarter and focus on software more, which will improve the quality and latency in addition to the deployment of SDN and software-defined smartphones.