Award Categories

  1. Best VAS Provider
  2. Best Digital BSS Provider (Operators-Vendors)
  3. Best Customer Service Provider (Operator)
  4. Best Carrier Enterprise Service
  5. Best Cloud Provider
  6. Most Innovative Product/ Service- Operator
  7. Most Innovative Product/Solution – Vendor
  8. Best Satellite Operator
  9. Best Middle Eastern Wholesale Operator
  10. Best African Wholesale Operator
  11. Best Asian Wholesale Operator
  12. Best North American Wholesale Operator
  13. Best Global Operator
  14. Best Middle Eastern Operator
  15. Best African Operator
  1. Best Asian Operator
  2. Best Industry Vendor
  3. Best 5G Innovation (Vendor)
  4. Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative
  5. Best Smart City Platform
  6. Best Telecom Brand
  7. Best Infrastructure Deployment
  8. Best Industry Employer

Leader Merit Award

  1. Industry CEO of the Year- Vendor
  2. Industry CEO of the Year-Operator
  3. Outstanding Industry Female Executive
  4. Industry CTO of the Year-Operators
Submission fees are fixed at 500$ for each submitted category.
For all award-related inquiries, please contact:
Jeff Seal, Managing Partner, Telecom Review North America and Chief of the Awards Committee