Excellence Award Nomination Form

Telecom Review Excellence Award Nomination Process

The Telecom Review Excellence Awards give industry leaders a chance to celebrate the things they do well, and acknowledge when it all comes together. The submissions process itself is a great opportunity for you to brush up on your marketing skills.

Winners are chosen based on recognized and demonstrated capabilities in their specific sector by an independent panel of 15 experienced industry veterans.

Some tips for “standing out” include:

  • Tell a story, but make it short, because wading through mountains of data is hard.
  • Make the key take-outs immediately obvious
  • A great client endorsement is very valuable.
  • What is the key to your success?
  • Results are important
  • Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Do not cut and paste press releases or information from your website.

Award Nomination Questionnaire

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Main accomplishment of the last three years, listed by year

Award Operating Rules

  1. The Telecom Review Excellence Awards are very important and prestigious industry achievements. All winners are required to accept their award in person at the Gala Award dinner. Those not in attendance will forfeit the award.
  2. All Merit Leader Award winners must be accepted in person by the person being recognized. Those not in attendance will forfeit their award.
  3. All entries are required to pay a 1,200 USD entry fee per category entered. This covers the award cost and expenses. All entry fees must be paid before the award presentation. Entries that are unpaid at the time of the presentation will forfeit their award.
  4. All nominations must be received by October 20, 2022
  5. All entry fees must be paid in full, with no deductions. Fees may be paid using Visa/Mastercard, or Wire transfer. Please contact [email protected] to arrange payments. Any taxes are the responsibility of the entity/person that submitted the entry.
  6. Notes for the winners
    1. Please use the press release provided by our professional team
    2. We recommend you use the photos provided by our professional A/V team
    3. If you are looking for a quote from us kindly note the press release provided will include quotes from the founder of Telecom Review, Toni Eid, and the Telecom Review Chief Awards Officer, Jeff Seal.
    4. For additional information please write to [email protected]