Nokia’s commitment to digital transformation has translated into digital transformation guidance to customers, including CSPs and enterprises. In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Danial Mausoof, head of sales for mobile networks in Middle East and Africa, Nokia highlighted how the company is helping CSPs and enterprises to grow in the digital age.

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Etisalat Misr is ensuring a steady stream of high quality service and is trying to always find creative and new ways to foster sustainable growth within the country. Telecom Review Africa was able to secure an exclusive interview with Hazem Metwally, CEO of Etisalat Misr, to talk more about the company’s growth in different aspects, how they’re leading digital transformation, 5G, and many more topics.

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Vicent Soler, CEO, Kenmei Technologies has spoken to Telecom Review about the company’s journey thus far and its flagship solution ADELE®. He explained how the solution helps by not only reducing the operational costs of the existing networks but also by improving their quality.

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COVID-19 updates

Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc has announced that it has successfully implemented a data link connection between the International Hospital and the Ministry of Health (MOH) data center through its technological arm and Internet Service Provider (ISP) Qualitynet.

The 50MB Data Link Service is provided by stc as a free service to support local entities in the battle against the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Mishari Al Hamad, General Manager of Sales and Account Management at stc, lead the project with the Ministry of Health and highlighted that the purpose of establishing the link was to provide a seamless connection between the International Hospital in Salmiya and the MOH data center in the Sabah Health area, allowing ease of access to systems and applications at high data transmission speeds using stc’s latest technology ‘Dedicated Data Access over 5G’.

Considering the necessity to obtain updated medical data related to the virus, it is essential to utilize the latest digital solutions to provide instant and reliable access to critical information.

stc expressed that the implemented 50MB data link service between the two entities will leverage the MOH data center’s existing fiber optic connection to transfer data instantaneously at high speeds. This in return will enable the MOH to access the hospital’s systems and applications stored in their data center, using stc’s latest data transmission solution.

stc will continue to utilize its resources to provide a helping hand in protecting the nation against the COVID-19 outbreak. This initiative falls in line with the Executive Management’s strategic framework at stc and runs parallel to its sustainable approach towards enabling digital transformation in Kuwait for new and existing customers, whether corporates or individuals.

Emphasizing on the strategic vision at stc in moving the business forward, we continue to see our actions transform into results. Following the launch of the new brand, stc, the Company’s various departments have worked diligently to optimize operations, enhance systems and develop the largest 5G network in Kuwait, allowing stc to inch closer towards achieving its vision.

Moreover, successfully implementing this initiative comes as an additional milestone under the series of activities that stc has launched since the COVID-19 crisis. stc will continue to collaborate with local authorities and governmental entities to organize campaigns that complement the programs launched by the Kuwaiti government to contain the outbreak.

The consistent level of support witnessed by stc and the private sector comes as an ongoing commitment to support the government in ensuring the health and safety of the people in Kuwait.

Through collaboration and aligning the Company’s resources towards its strategic goal, stc aims to provide the latest digital solutions, considering all precautionary measures, beyond traditional telecom services. stc will continue to upgrade its services and offer the latest devices that will exceed its new and existing customers’ expectations.

To better serve its customers, stc upgraded its digital channels to offer the Company’s array of products and services to new and existing customers from the comfort of their homes. stc’s online platforms also allow customers to seamlessly execute transactions related to their accounts online and hassle free.

With the upgrade came a series of online exclusive offers to enrich the customers’ experience at home, whether it be online gaming, working remotely from home or enjoying free services to fulfill their entertainment needs.

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