For the past 15 years enterprises experimented with SaaS applications, took advantage of plentiful cheap compute and storage and migrated desktop workloads to the cloud, yet still have not managed to achieve digital transformation. Panelists at the NetEvents session on multi-cloud agreed that we are finally on the brink of a generation change in IT driven by business necessity and enabled by new cloud-native solutions to decades-old problems.

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The State of the Market Report 2021 by Help AG, the cybersecurity arm of Etisalat Digital, delivers cybersecurity intelligence across a range of parameters, including the top threats over the course of 2020; the region’s biggest vulnerabilities; security investment patterns of organizations in the region; and where the market is headed in terms of technologies and evolution.

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When asked about the major impact of network automation and SD-WAN combined on the digital transformation journey, in the framework of Telecom Review virtual panel, Aloke Tusnial, Vice President of Cloud Business and Solutions at Spirent, explained that these are enablers in the modern era.

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According to Northern Sky Research (NSR), the global satellite industry is expected to double in size over the decade — from $12 billion in 2020 to $26 billion by 2029. This is driven by the exponentially growing demand for connectivity.

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In the recent Telecom Review virtual panel about network automation and SD-WAN, panelists shared each of their own insights in delivering end-user agility, consistent quality of service (QoS), state-of-the-art security, and network reliability.

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