The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on entire industries. Working from home and adapting to the ‘new normal’ has been particularly challenging especially when cybersecurity is taken into account. Cybercriminals thrive in chaos and the chaos brought about by the pandemic caused cybercrimes to skyrocket at such an unprecedented rate.

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CSG announced that Bret Griess, president and chief executive officer of the company has shared his plans to step down at the end of the year, following nearly 25 years of service with the company. Brian Shepherd, executive vice president and group president has been selected to succeed Griess as president and chief executive officer of the company, effective January 1, 2021. In addition, Shepherd will be appointed to the Board on the same date.

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Lockdown measures imposed everywhere in the world have impeded some sectors, but have boosted others that were able to leverage the new normal and come out of the situation a winner. The FinTech sector is one of the sectors that are winning in the times of COVID-19. In the Middle East, statistics showed that consumers are increasingly willing to choose online shopping and digital payment methods.

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