The ‘connected’ car, while still in its early stages, is expected to improve traffic flow and most importantly, consumer safety. However, concerns have been on the rise about the cybersecurity element of these vehicles.

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Ralf Pichler (47) was named the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Detecon International, one of Germany’s leading management and technology consulting companies. The Deutsche Telekom Group’s own corporate consultancy and subsidiary of T-Systems supports national and international customers of all industries in their digital transformation. As CEO, Pichler aims at accelerating Detecon's growth course in group-external business and also further expanding Detecon’s role as T-Systems’ consulting pillar for digital business.

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The Ministry of Communications & IT, the main driver behind the Kingdom-wide digital transformation overhaul of Saudi Arabia, has officially joined the Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum (11-13 November 2019, Burj Rafal Hotel – Riyadh, KSA) as Main Sponsor of the event. 

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By An Jian, president of Carrier Networks Business Group, Huawei Middle East

The “best-effort” service provided by traditional mobile networks can no longer keep up with the diversified requirements of vertical industry applications. These requirements include ultra-low and deterministic latency, mobility, reliability and tenant security isolation. An example is the power system differential protection under the ultra high-reliability and low-latency communication (URLLC) scenario. When a switch command is delivered, the communication between the master and slave differential protection terminals involves electrical vector contrasting and verification of transmission path parameters. The network needs to provide a deterministic delay of 20 ms and a jitter of 600 us or less.

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